Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Baby Shoes

So I get on these little "kicks" of making a BUNCH of certain things.  Have to change it up every week or so, (can you say "attention deficit")!  Anyway, I have ALWAYS wanted to make those adorable fabric baby shoes.  I see them all over Etsy and on Blogs and just had to try them.  I found my inspiration from a few different tutorials/patterns here, here, and here.  And then came up with my own renditions.  Here are a few:

These take a bit of practice, at least they did for me, to get them the way you want.  And I seem to have trouble sewing around curves, so had to give these a few tries, but they are great fun.  Now, if I only had a baby to put them on! :(  Give 'em a try!

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